Disjointed Thoughts

Musical Expeditionary
This is a Broadcast of Thoughts from the Island That is Long


American Football | Never Meant

Neko Case | Vengeance is Sleeping

It’s dark out, perfect to write things to. #music #ambient #chords

Kings of Leon | Mi Amigo

This song makes me so happy for some reason.

Iron Chic | Time Keeps On Slipping Into the (Cosmic) Future

If I can ask one thing when I am dead,
Would you lay me down by the riverbed,
and just, let me wash away? 
Let it take me back from where I came.
Cause all I am and all I was is just,
Blood and dirt and bones and mud
And I’m better off that way,
I’m better off that way. 

Jon Hopkins | Immunity

GAYNGS | By Your Side

Bon Iver | Come Talk to Me

Balmorhea | All is Wild, All is Silent. If you haven’t heard this is my soundtrack to pretty days all the time. #vinyl #balmorhea #alliswildallissilent #music

Tycho | Dive (2011)